Junior Geeks is an educational and engaging flagship program designed to inspire and guide bright young Kosovars hone their skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics) and channel their capacities for innovation.

The mission of this comprehensive platform is to give teenagers the opportunity to discuss, research, and learn first hand about STEM topics in a stimulating and creative environment while inspiring a love for science.


Gain intellectual and practical experience in multiple fields by getting a taste of each opportunity! Learn new things and try in different new ways!


Come up with creative and sustainable solutions that are new and helpful! Channel your abilities and cultivate new resources for a more impactful community and a better you!


Bond with like-minded individuals to bring new things to the table! Learn and earn from the diverse quality of the people around you!


Push yourself beyond your usual limits to unlock your potential and grasp the skill of challenging yourself in any field to generate your best quality!


Junior Geeks is an activity-rich program. These are just some of the activities our members and sometimes even the public will enjoy:

Junior Geeks is one of the few advantages for a teenager to get through, especially during one of the most delicate period of their academic formation. For me, it was a preparation for the next arduous steps in life.

Bujar Mehmeti

Junior Geeks had a big impact in my development. This was a big step towards my goals and my professional growth, I later developed an award-winning app and am continuing with new projects every day.

Toska Shala

The outcome exceeded my expectations. It not only opened me to new IT branches but created bridges that I never thought of. Fast forward a year later I am actually working as an outreach officer in a SEO company.

Elsa Tahiri