Having first debuted in 2019 as a one-time project, now proven successful enough to expand into an annual activity, Junior Geeks was first brought to life as the winning project from Southeast Europe of the US Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund competition, a winning submission by alumni Eldita Tarani (Fulbright), Zana Tabaku (IVLP) and Shpend Lila (IVLP) who were directly supported in by Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

Today, Junior Geeks recommences for a second edition (2.0) and continues to be implemented as a partnership by ICK as the original partner, and Kosovo US Alumni (KUSA) supported exclusively by the US Embassy in Kosovo.

This edition expands to 9 municipalities, including Prishtina, Peja, Prizren, Gjakova, Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Skenderaj and Gracanica.

All high school students from these municipalities are eligible to apply for the 230 participant slots or join several activities as a general public by following this website. Check out our application page for more info.

During the program, the participating students will maximize skills in areas such as programming, robotics, mechatronics, cybersecurity, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, data analysis, blockchain technology, graphic design, SEO, “machine learning” scientific research, etc.

Activities vastly diverse in nature, engagement, and academic value other than the standard class-like settings that while can be informative, do not represent the full scope of educational abilities for both students and teachers.

Thus, more activities have become part of the program and those include regular club meetings, external education sessions, hands-on sessions, field trips to innovative companies, online innovation challenge, STEM Camp, program impact evaluation field trips, etc.


Gain intellectual and practical experience in multiple fields by getting a taste of each opportunity! Learn new things and try in different new ways!


Come up with creative and sustainable solutions that are new and helpful! Channel your abilities and cultivate new resources for a more impactful community and a better you!


Bond with like-minded individuals to bring new things to the table! Learn and earn from the diverse quality of the people around you!


Push yourself beyond your usual limits to unlock your potential and grasp the skill of challenging yourself in any field to generate your best quality!

the core team

Meet our core team of US Alumni who since day one, hand in hand with the partners, have been committed to crafting a rich and colorful program for the young and talented Junior Geekers.


Innovation Center Kosovo has been an important actor in shaping and bringing Junior Geeks to life. As a leading actor in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in Kosovo, ICK has complemented the US Alumni Innovation Fund grant and as such, became the implementing partner of the project since the first edition. Ever since, ICK has been connecting the program with mentors, bright minds, hosting lectures, supporting the administration of the project, promoting it to the public, and much more. We are thankful that the second edition will continue to be implemented through ICK and its partners.

Kosovo US Alumni is the home of all the Kosovo US Alumni. As such, KUSA has had the back of many alumni who come forward with ideas and initiatives. KUSA will be an implementing partner in the second edition of Junior Geeks and it will act as a bridge between the project and many other talented alumni that will help make this experience a great one.

The US Embassy in Kosovo is the main supporter of Junior Geeks. Believing in the potential and impact of this program to accelerate the talents and skills for innovation of young people of Kosovo, the US Embassy continues to financially support alumni efforts and partners in achieving the best results in the field of education and innovation.