Nita Katona

Nita Katona has finished her studies in the Economic field, which raises the question: How and Why is she ever so present in the technology field then?
Having a deep curiosity in finding out How and Why technology and electronics work the way they do, it's a no-brainer she slowly but steadily began to transition into the great world of programming.
That curiosity led her into some very interesting paths, and by using the same pace, she has been sharing all her findings to kids and youngsters from age 6-18 for quite some time now.  Currently she is working as a trainer at jCoders Academy.

She is known for her never-ending energy, being all over the place, and with a highlighted skill in storytelling which she sometimes interprets using GIFs :).
Apart from technology, Nita enjoys watching the latest tv series, particularly those tending to get cancelled. (We've heard they're the most interesting ones xD)