Genta Carkaxhija

Meet Genta - Founder of the Coding Academy L.L.C. in Peja, (Part of Digital School franchise).
Genta holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematical-Natural Sciences at the University of Prishtina.
Since 2018 she is part of the "Digital School" where she teaches children the importance of programming and the steps they must take to become a programmer.
The pleasure she has from working with children is what pushed her to be part of the Digital School.
The lack of programming schools and great love for her hometown persevered Genta to open the "Digital School" in Peja, being a learning nest of programming in our country and a great opportunity for all the students in the municipality of Peja since 2019 to learn programming. 
According to her, the greatest pleasure is when she sees young talented students having exceptional results and performing tireless commitment on daily basis.